iTEAR ®100

A neurostimulation device to naturally increase tear production

About the device

The iTEAR ®100 device is an FDA cleared, drug free approach to acutely increasing tear production. The iTear device has been optimized to provide a safe amount of mechanical stimulation to the outside of the nose to stimulate the external nasal nerve.


Neurostimulation has had a major impact in medicine. Early successes include the cardiac pacemaker, implantable neurostimulators for pain, and external electromagnetic stimulation devices for treatment resistant depression. The neurostimulation application in ophthalmology is now emerging and will likely ultimately have similar impact on improving patients' lives. The iTEAR ®100 device employs neurostimulation via a small oscillating tip to stimulate the external branch of the anterior ethmoidal nerve on the side of the nose. This in turn, stimulates the adjacent lacrimal gland to produce natural tears.