a new Treatment to increase natural tear production

Introducing the new iTEAR®100 Generation 2 device

Woman rubbing dry eye

How it works

No Drops, No Drugs, just more natural tears.

iTEAR®100 uses mechanical energy designed to activate only the external nasal nerve from the outside of the nose.

The energy level, frequency, and tip design were optimized through extensive clinical trials to maximize stimulation of the external nasal nerve, safely and comfortably. 


iTEAR®100 creates just the right amount of vibration to activate natural tear production. This unique design minimizes the effect on any area other than the external nasal nerve on the nose.


iTEAR®100 is the only FDA-cleared, at-home medical device to help your patients make more of their own tears in just 30 seconds.

3 Easy Ways to prescribe iTEAR®100

Write a Prescription

1 month twice daily use

Direct patients to the website to order their device and upload their prescription. 

Sign up to dispense iTEAR®100

Sign up at myitear.com to sell patients the device directly at the retail price while receiving a wholesale discount.

You can choose to order devices to sell directly or you can order for the patient and they will receive the device drop shipped by us.

Manage patient refills through the portal ap. 

Manage refills online

Every thirty days patients can request a refill through the ap for $30.  

Providers can refill the prescription at a cost of $20. 

Operating the iTEAR®100

iTEAR®100 comes with a usb charger and is bluetooth enabled.

A QR code in the box directs patients to an instruction page.

Patients download an ap for their smart phone that connects to their device. 

The 30 day prescription is loaded on the device.  

Patients can set sensitivity level in the ap ranging from 1 to 5. 

The original device had only the level 5 setting. 

Patients that are more sensitive may wish to lower the level to the highest tolerated setting. 

Learn More

Contact us to learn more or to setup your account to prescribe the iTEAR®100

Important Safety Information

The most common adverse reaction reported in the trial was dizziness and light-headedness in 2-3% of patients.


The iTEAR®100 Neurostimulator is an electromechanical nerve stimulator device, indicated for temporary use (up to 30 days) to increase acute tear production during vibratory stimulation of the external nasal nerve in adults, under prescription of an eyecare provider.